Over four years ago, I snapped this photo of young Lucas on the floor of our house.


It was just a random photo while we were on the floor playing. It was cute and I emailed it around to some family…. that’s when it started. Sister Gail posted the photo in the university library where she works in Cedar Falls, Iowa to caution customers about proper library procedure. The photo was in the IMAGES directory of this website.

A few months later, I noticed the site’s statistics had jumped up. In checking further, Lucas’ photo was being used by several blog sites that liked this “skeptical” appearance.

Then I discovered that if you go to Google Images and type in the word “skeptical” that Luke’s picture was number one. He stayed in the number one slot for a couple years.

His picture has appeared on several prominent political blogs as well as some medical informational site. Dozens of other online blogs, forums and messages have contained this pic.

I stopped watching the log of all the activity that it has been getting, but it was quite impressive.

Today, his photo still appears in the top six of Google’s image search.